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Application Development

bizreef.com's established processes, methodologies, effective offshore development model and stringent Quality Management Systems reduces development cost, saves time to market quality and cost-effective solutions. We provide flexible and proven techniques to manage applications development right from the initial stage of the development.

Database Development

bizreef.com offers database development services with the latest and object oriented programming languages that strengthens today's web applications.

Face Book

Using social networks to communicate with your prospective customers is a profitable way to boost-up branding, image building, brand perception, sales and loyalty. bizreef.com plans Facebook strategies and its implementation for corporations to get all advantages from this powerful medium.


bizreef.com associates with current Joomla sites with upgrading and extension service, video integration, including Enterprise Search, complex forms, integration with internal databases, and more.

Operating System

bizreef.com offers professional set up to optimize and support technological environment for essential applications of operations. We have professionals, resources, and global partners to turn your business into a more efficient enterprise.

Programming Languages

bizreef.com hires highly skilled programmers for language translation. We have expertise in code conversion, and on request we can give you reliable references. We offer total services with our translators, with the object and process oriented programming languages.

Quality Assurance

At bizreef.com the term quality assurance and quality control standards means cost-effective and a very easy process. We ensure high quality in any task we undertake for you.

Software Architecture

Our specific software architecture services are:

  • Reconstructions Architecture
  • Assistance and Coaching in Architecture
  • Evaluations of Software Architecture

System Administration

Our system administrators can help in operating and handling your systems and perform the daily routine work required to avoid any barriers.

General Programming

bizreef.com specializes in providing software solutions and general programming services to small and medium sized businesses. We offer the right flexible, and cost-effective package and as per specifications to suit your budgets.


bizreef.com supports you to benefit maximum from your IT investments - from providing solutions of system integration, management services, and application development testing.

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