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Business & Marketing

Accounting & Book-keeping

Accounting and Book-keeping is a vital integral part for a smooth and successful working of your outsourcing business. bizreef.com is a smart choice for business accounting and book-keeping services. This helps in gaining competitive benefits over your competitors.

Business Plan

Business planning is the prime step in getting process flow on recurring basis. At bizreef.com, we provide professional services to our clients at a particular stage of the business cycle or planning at every step.

Company Registration

Company registration procedure is a daunting job; the process is time consuming and expensive if your business is in the initial stage of its formation or registering your business for the first time. That's where we come in the picture to take care of your company registration process.

Legal Opinion

We are a team of legal consultants and other professionals based in India. Our team includes people educated in UK and US and who are well-versed in American or British laws.

Legal services

bizreef.com saves money and time on general legal matters. We have some of the experienced attorneys to help you create authentic and legal documents from your office or home.

Marketing Plan

Devising a perfect marketing plan earns credibility for your business. It describes to your foreign customers why and how you intend to reach them to buy your products and services. bizreef.com can support you in crafting a strategic marketing plan.

Online Research

bizreef.com offers general tips and suggestions for research with the help of internet. We practice in best way for web strategies and trends in IT and commercial worlds, especially to help in the success of your online research.

Patent Services

bizreef.com offers quality patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution at affordable prices. We represent inventors and companies to handle their copyright applications filing.

PPC Campaigns

Our Pay Per Click campaign of search engine involves services like:

  • Selection of keywords or key phrases.
  • Selection of target market.
  • Ad writing.
  • Image ad designing.
  • Landing page designing and writing.
  • Consulting and research services to reach marketing goals.
  • Reporting and monitoring of progress.

Project Management Services

bizreef.com offers project management, scientific and engineering services. If you need an expert team to design and implement a plan or to provide interim support to maintain your projects with its schedule and budget, you can rely on our professional project management services.


Our expert SEO services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • PPC Management
  • SEO Consulting Services
  • Online Advertisement
  • Content Writing
  • Web Development and Design

Tax Services

bizreef.com is engaged in the field of taxation and related consultancy services. We have provided tax services in the past and our clientele includes highly successful individuals, private and corporate companies.

Trademark Registration

From start to finish, bizreef.com can help you in registering your trademark at economical rates.

General Business & Marketing

bizreef.com is offering strategic business and marketing mentorship and support which include: general support; sales & marketing, supplier management; implementation of systems & procedures; staff mentoring, and training & development.

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