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E-Commerce is business information exchange without using paper through Electronic Data Interchange technologies. E-Mail, Fax, Electronic Funds Transfer, and Computer Bulletin Boards represents E-Commerce. No paper-work and the work-flow become faster, efficient, reliable, and economical with E-commerce.

bizreef.com is a marketplace where buyers and freelancers from across the world auction their services on a single platform. Here it’s easy to find professionals to design your web site, develop a software program, and economically deliver your project.

bizreef.com is a professional web development companies based in USA. We deliver the best for your web site design and development. We are associated with high profile companies across the globe.

Our Website Development Project Process Stages:

  • Software Requirement Study (SRS) and preparation
  • Project Planning
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Web Application Development (Programming)
  • Testing
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance

Our Application Development Process Features

  • We completely understand your business, your mission and goals to draft a strategic plan to achieve your targets in economical way.
  • We timely deliver your jobs as per your budget.
  • We concentrate more on scalable web development to incorporate alterations in business with ease.

Flash Animation:

Relying just on the website content is not enough; the web site should really carry an appealing look. This means you need an eye catching website, and Flash Animation is the ideal tool which bizreef.com have mastered and we know how to give a dynamic touch to your web design. To us success is measured by the level of satisfaction you get from us.


 When a website elements include text, titles, Meta tags, alt tags, etc it is known as SEO design process. With this process search engines are enabled to assign a top rank to the website when searched.

Our techniques of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing and Website Promotion, can get you best results when it comes to rankings, sales, or traffic increase.

bizreef.com services also include building of Link, and SEM and SEO consultancy services.

Web Design

Web Design is not just arrangement of images and text together. According to bizreef.com Web Design is an art of making layouts of images and text with an international standard. bizreef.com follows its Web Design Checklist that ensures aesthetic and functional web design.

General Website Services

We have a team of professional designers, programmers, SEOs, SEMs, content developers, legal advisors, photographers, and video-graphers, who develop an innovative and functional website ideal for your business. With bizreef.com your business can be mobilized with expert website design and software programming services at affordable rates

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